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your name on toast

Posted in Uncategorized by Lena on February 6, 2009

this site is so cool give them some money and they write your name (or web address or just a word of your choice) on toast and put it on their web site. Your toast will act as a link to your web site.  Anything from $100 up is enough to get you listed in the Your Name On Toastgallery. Every Penny goes directly to Oxfam Ireland, the brilliant charity!  You get to advertise at their web and do charity! Thumbs up!


protegez moi etsy shop

Posted in Uncategorized by Lena on January 28, 2009

my latest handmade! now for sale at my etsy shop

Adidas Originals Lookbook 2009

Posted in Uncategorized by Lena on January 27, 2009

Make it loud. Mix pattern and texture for a look that’s bright,fun and wacky! Wear with lots of accessories, quirky belts, and a playful socks. Pile it on! You cant go wrong! I so love the new adidas lookbook and the celebrate originality videos and photos! featuring david beckham & kathy perry! check out adidas original webby .