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Kathie Olivas

Posted in Uncategorized by Lena on January 31, 2009

Kathie Olivas is a multi-media artist who resides in Tampa, FL. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the nation. Her current body of work, entitled the “Misery Children” series focuses on the constant social desire to assign “cuteness.” This often serves as a means to make something innocent and more appealing, therefore, non-threatening.

Inspired by early American portraiture that often depicted children as small adults in an idealized new land, the characters parallel this vision within their own sense of post-apocalyptic conformity, uniquely documenting their own stories in a mysterious brave new world. check out more of her works here.


One lucky helen

Posted in Uncategorized by Lena on January 30, 2009

 helen dardik illustrations makes me feels so relax & happy, her illustration reminds me of my childhood when my mum used to read bedtime stories for me! i love the colors she use the colors it’s so swedish! i like her statement being creative is necessary! life is too short!

I’m a designer and…..

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drop all your emotions feel as a designer here : , i just drop mine!