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your name on toast

Posted in Uncategorized by Lena on February 6, 2009

this site is so cool give them some money and they write your name (or web address or just a word of your choice) on toast and put it on their web site. Your toast will act as a link to your web site.  Anything from $100 up is enough to get you listed in the Your Name On Toastgallery. Every Penny goes directly to Oxfam Ireland, the brilliant charity!  You get to advertise at their web and do charity! Thumbs up!


Lovely Packaging

Posted in Uncategorized by Lena on January 31, 2009


what’s the first thing that attracts you when you buy a product?  obviously for me is the packaging design, beautiful packaging design tempts me to buy the the product, sometimes even things that i don’t need it, i think Singapore really lacks of design for the packaging, most of the food and drinks packaging is kinda out of date, unlike TOKYO and UK which they consider packaging design is important, sometimes packaging doesnt need to spend alot of money or complicated design, it’s important to keep it simple and straight to the objective,  here are some lovely packaging  you can take reference of, Enjoy!