Protegez Moi

MONGOL800 / 安里屋ユンタク

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I found this video on youtube, and i fall in love with it, you cant imagine what happen next after the Peaceful Summer Scenery. Music by MONGOL800 (モンゴル800) 


protegez moi etsy shop

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my latest handmade! now for sale at my etsy shop

Jason Evans Wacky Photography

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 Jason  Evans  has remained one of the most interesting photographers i came across. His main site shows an overview of his fashion and portraiture, and The New Scent is a beautifully captivating personal project – one of many. Lastly, you should check out The Daily Nice every day to cheer yourself up. One of the best. He’s my inspiration!

 Fun + Wacky+ Funky+ Colorful+ Playful = my photography direction

I love you more than _______

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i love you more then ______

i love you more then ______

Valentine day is coming, this heart shape origami is a great idea to tell your loves one how much you love them, make a tons of this heart shape origami
and them paste them across a styrofoam board or a hard cardboard (Good way to recycle too) and tell your loves one you love them more than ________ ? well, maybe for me i will say i love you more than latte! why? because i have to drink latte everyday and almost cant live without it.

protegez moi photography

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i love taking fun & playful shots, do u miss your childhood? i do! Hoping to bring back those memories in capturing those playful time! i think i should share all this fun photos with you guys, the lastest series im having fun with lomo effects check out my photos here , more photos will be uploaded soon.