Protegez Moi

lovely cats

Posted in Uncategorized by Lena on February 4, 2009

i used to dislike cats, until 2 years ago i meet “xiao hu” little tiger in chinese han yu pin ying a stray cat at whampoa, i name her “xiao hu” because she walks, stare and the color of her fur is orange with strips like a little baby tiger. Thou she is like a little tiger she is very friendly and after a month of getting to know her then i only dare to touch her fur and play with her. Sometimes she behaves like a dog, whenever i came near her place and i couldn’t find her i will just make a “Meow” sound then you will see her running towards you, and she will rub my legs to keep warm. She is a very clean cat, you will see her cleaning herself every 5mins, after you touch her she will start to clean herself. i’ve taken a photo of her below 😉 isn’t she adorable? and also i found lots of lovely cats photos at nap cafe. (above picture via nap cafe)


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