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Around the world (Laptop skins)

Posted in Laptop Skins by Lena on July 11, 2008



around the world,eyes,rainbow,laptop,skin,wraps,decals,sticker

i was stuck half way when i was designing this laptop decal, then this music from Draft Punk (around the world) was playing in my boombox, and here inspiration came and i was in my la la land again! *Ta Ra*  hope you enjoy this funky wacky artwork ;D



Introduction about Protegez Moi

Posted in Introduction by Lena on July 6, 2008

Hello peeps!

Im a 25 year old ( a girl not yet a woman ;D ), i like to play with colors that spell G.R.O.O.V.Y ! i get inspiration from furnitures, home & decor and music!

What you can expect from my products?  Funky, Wacky, Eclectic ! From Daily needs to Quicky niche products!

All Products and Graphics will be design by & handmade by me, everything is produced in limited numbers, and most of them will be a 1 time production. i believe everyone likes to owns something special and one of a kind!

What does Protegez Moi means? It’s actually a french word meaning “Protect Me”. and it reminds me of: Always leaning on god’s grace and not your own ability to get the desired results.